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Welcome to Chappaqua Wellness Center!

Chappaqua Wellness Center is the new name for my existing massage business of 15 years, Lighten Up Massage. I have always steered clear of having a "spa" image. Massage is so much more than just a luxury you have on vacation. We here at CWC have come together with a common belief that massage along with chiropractic care, nutrition, personal training, aesthetics, and my new exciting addition- raw food preparation, be incorporated in life routines. Our bodies should run as smoothly as our automobiles. Like a car we feed our bodies the fuel that suites it best (food and nutrition), we wash and wax (facials and hair removal), we drive it so the battery stays charged (personal training), and we have a mechanic to prevent and repair body issues (massage and chiropractor). So why aren’t we putting this much effort into our human bodies?
-Jen Cook, Massage Therapist, Chef and Founder of Chappaqua Wellness Center

Our Massage Therapist’s are NYS licensed and graduates of Connecticut Center for Massage in Westport and Swedish Institute in NYC. For more information about our staff and services offered, please refer to the "Our Team" page of the Chappaqua Wellness Center section.

Wellness Center Location & Hours

hours of operation for Chappaqua Wellness Center

Chappaqua Wellness Center is located at 400 King St., #4, Chappaqua, NY 10514.

Our Hours of Operation fluctuate to accomodate our clients' busy schedules. We are known for coming in as early as 7am for some, while others prefer appointments later in the evening. We are open every day, so please call for an appointment.

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Riverstone Yoga

I also offer massages at Riverstone Yoga: 2 Hudson View Way(aka 129 W. Main Street), Tarrytown, NY 10591. Visit their website at for more details.


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